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Rabu, 13 April 2011


I'm trying to focus to do this :

( has completed 25% )

This is the kebaya to be used by my friend when she married next month. She wanted to hire a kebaya to me, she will wear kebaya for the wedding reception. and I offer myself to her, to become a sponsor. I need to finish later this month.

This is project kebaya I am going to do for 1 year. Plans in 2011, I will make 12 collections of short kebaya. but only 3 'kebaya' that has been stitched, but not yet given application. and the brown is a bolero that is alsonot yet finished. >,<

And my other project is making some brooches ..

hopefully all my projects I can finish up with satisfactory results.

 *Note : sorry if my english is not good, I tried to practice my english for better. :D

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